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29 April 2019


A R610 000 fully-kitted library and media centre has put a seriously under-resourced ‘no-fees’ primary school in Inanda, near Durban, on a new educational path.

The facility, made available through a South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT) donation, was officially opened recently, transforming teaching and learning at Khanyanjalo Primary School in the peri-urban Inanda Mission area, 35km outside Durban.
Speaking at the facility’s official opening, Mr Gaff Osman, a Trustee of the SAMCT, said: “This is a facility which will change the face of education at this school now and into the future. This is an important day in the school’s history because this is the first library of its type in the area. Indeed, quite tragically, there is no community library in the Inanda Mission area and, generally speaking, families here unfortunately do not have the wherewithal to afford 21st century technology, such as tablets or the internet, precluding their ability to tap into e-books or e-study guides.”

He stressed that is every South African child’s right to enjoy a full and proper education.

“Sadly, many of our, especially, rural and peri-urban schools – such as this – are seriously under- resourced… a fact which impacts negatively on both the teaching and learning processes. Literacy is unquestionably a fundamental aspect of education, but without access to books, the provision of even basic literacy at many of our schools is becoming a serious problem; a problem which has the effect of stunting the development of our youngsters, relegating them to the backwaters of economic participation as adults,” added Mr Gaff Osman.

Access to books at primary school levels leads to greatly improved reading skills, a love of books, a broadening of learners’ horizons, the development of independent study and research skills and improved learner performance and academic results.
Mr Gaff Osman said: “Due to the diligence and passion for education displayed by the Principal, Management and Staff here at Khanyanjalo Primary School, this disadvantaged educational institution has a proven track-record of turning our excellent results – in spite of the challenges faced here every day.

Imagine, then, the academic results the school will be able to achieve in the future, now that its teachers and learners – and indeed other local community stakeholders – have the ability to spend quality time in an on-site library and media centre.”
He maintained that ‘knowledge is power’ and that knowledge that knowledge is to be found in books, whether in print or electronic format. “Without that knowledge our young people can never be expected to reach their true potential. All that changes here at Khanyanjalo Primary School with the introduction of this exceptional new facility. This is now a school capable of empowering its more than 1 600 learners with the knowledge they need in order to become the successes in life that this country so desperately needs,” Mr Gaff Osman said of the new school library and media centre.

The school also has the potential to make the facility available to students in the area studying at tertiary level and to learners from neighbouring and equally disadvantaged schools, as well as to the parents of learners striving to better themselves.
The SAMCT was established in 2008 to provide funding, services and other resources for numerous deserving organisations and the associated upliftment of the lives of South Africa’s deprived, poverty-stricken and historically disadvantaged communities – irrespective of race or religion.


“We, of the SAMCT, are extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to play a role in contributing to the knowledge-base at this school. We hope that our donation will set the school on a fresh growth trajectory, taking it to an altogether new level of teaching and learning,” Mr Gaff Osman… concluded.


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