The South African Muslim Charitable Trust (SAMCT) was originally established in 2008 to act as a conduit for the provision of funding assets, services and other resources to approved public benefit organisations. Since its creation, the Trust has made significant donations towards poverty alleviation, empowerment, community upliftment and sustainability programmes.

Funds are distributed to improve the health and development of people, irrespective of race or religion. To achieve the objectives and goals set by the organisation, SAMCT will, on certain projects, partner with reputable organisations to ensure that the funds or aid donated reaches the deserving recipients.

The members of the S.A. Muslim Charitable Trust that are tasked with the noble responsibility of providing aid/ relief to deserving communities, consist of reputable and renowned members of the community, who has vast knowledge and experience to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Scope of Activities

The South African Muslim Charitable Trust contributes towards four primary sectors viz:

•Social Development
•Poverty alleviation

To achieve the objectives and goals set by the organisation, the S.A. Muslim Charitable Trust will, from time to time, partner with reputable organisations to ensure that donations or sponsorships reach the deserving recipients.

Corporate Governance

The members of the S.A. Muslim Charitable Trust comprise reputable and renowned members of the community who has vast knowledge and experience to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Mr. Mohamed Shoayb Omar – Chairman

Author and attorney, Advocate Mahomed Shoaib Omar obtained his LLB from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and, in 1995, he was granted right of appearance in the High and Constitutional Courts of South Africa. Having studied Arabic and Islamic Law under Mufti Taqi Usman, he was also a student of Qadhi Mujahidul Islam, the founder of the Islamic Fiqh Academy of India. He has authored over ten books and numerous articles in Islamic Law.

Mufti Zubair Bayat

Founder and current Director of the Darul-Ihsan Islamic Services Centre, and founder, former Principal and Ameer of the Zakariyya Muslim School, Ameer at Darul Ihsaan, Mufti Zubair Bayat lectured in advanced Islamic Studies for six years at the famous Darul-Uloom, Azaadville and served as editor of the quarterly ‘An-Nasiha’ journal. He has achieved many qualifications including a master’s degree in Islamic Studies at RAU (cum laude).

Mr. Shabir Chohan

Board Member and the Chief Executive of Albaraka Bank Limited –South Africa. A qualified Chartered Accountant (CA.SA) by profession with years of experience in both the business and financial sectors.

Mr. Faried Boltman

Old Mutual Unit Trust Investment Administration Manager
Faried has 30 years experience in the Unit Trust industry. He has been involved in the development of the industry through his involvement with the Industry Regulatory body and is currently serving on several committees and Workgroups for the current Industry body, the Association for Savings and Investments SA (ASISA). He also served on the National Treasury committee for the development of Shari’ah Products. Faried has also been part of the Old Mutual’s Africa roll out program and has been instrumental in the establishment of Unit Trust businesses in various countries within Africa.
He has also been involved for many years in assisting with organizations like SANZAF and OMIGSA’s Green Hands in the distribution of aid to the destitute and needy. He has served on the committees of three Mosques in Cape Town and was the Chairperson on the School Governing Body .

Abdool Gaffoor Suliman Osman (Trustee)

Qualified as chartered accountant in 1977

Private Practice:
Sabdia Jeena and company 1978-1984
Farra Jeena 1985-1995
MSGM masuku jeena 1996-2003
Pricewater House Coopers 2003-2006

Present status:
– Retired From Private Practice; Consultant To Few Clients
Non Executive Director Of:
Fasic Investment Corporation (Pty) Ltd Lion Match Company (Pty) Ltd
Audit Committee Member Lion Match Company (Pty) Ltd
Appointed By Minister Of Education On The University Of Kwa Zulu
Natal University Council 2008-20 16
Ci-Iairperson Of Ukzn Finance Committee
Appointed Audit Committee Chairperson Of Pretoria Metal Presses [A
Division Of Denel) Effective 1 Jan 2009 Dec 2012
Independent Member Of Finance Committee Of Kzn Cricket Union
Director Of Beige Holdings Limited
Audit Committee Chairman Of Beige Holdings Limited Chair Person Of
Nmj Islamic Center
Board Member Of Orient Islamic School
Previous Appointments: Director Road Accident Fund 1996 1999 Did Not
Seek Re-Election
Local Director Absa Kzn 1998 2003
Resigned Due To Merger With Pricewater house coopers Inc

Special Skills :
All Aspects Of Auditing
Accounting Tax
Pfma Corporate Governance
Risk Management

Wasiem Abbas

A C-level executive of Old Mutual Customised Solutions – the legal entity within which the Old Mutual Shariah Investment capability resides. Wasiem is a qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA) with extensive experience in the South African Investment Industry.